Fucking Awesome Bulimics I know Genevieve smile June 06

The Smart Homecoming Queen

Genevieve’s always nailed everything she has touched. In high school she was a Student Congress Leader, Varsity Cheerleader, Orchestra Violist, piano player, on the Homecoming Court, and a staff member of the Yearbook. She made straight A’s and graduated from college with a degree in Communications & PR at 21. She did not have eating […]

Fucking Awesome Bulimics I know Beach Cass May 01

The Industrious Doctor

Cass knows the importance of being adaptable. She’s changed careers a few times, her latest achievement being a PhD in Health Psychology. Her analytical brain likes to dissect and study behaviour patterns; that’s what she does for a living. She’s also an expert at dissecting her own behaviour. She’s one of those souls that feel […]

aimee cartoon April 04

The Mouthy General Manager

Aimee’s career spans countries and industries. Creative, bold, onto it and sassy, she’s a force to be reckoned with and has championed some of New Zealand’s most successful marketing campaigns. She is known in business circles as a shit-kicking GM, generating results of the highest quality with panache and just the right level of bossiness. We […]

sandwich bitch March 04

The Fiesty Feminist

Rachel has been calling herself a feminist since she was 18. Bold, bright and sharp as a needle, she philosophizes and writes about women, bodies, society’s rather bossy view of women’s bodies and other musings on her brilliant blog. She’s a much-loved and respected voice in the Sydney Morning Herald, NYMag.com, Cosmopolitan and TEDx talks, and her […]

Fucking Awesome Bulimics I know Dakotah January 11

The Dangerously Dexterous Dancer

For the last three years I have watched Dakotah teach women how to dance like crazy: how to get their hips down and dirty, make their boobs wave, and pull out their inner cowgirl. Her ZUMBA classes are spirited, just like her. I have also watched Dakatoh’s body, marveling at both its shape—which is a masterpiece of strong […]

Stella December 07

The Advertising Acrobat

Stella is usually called Mother at the advertising agency she works for in London. She runs the Creative Department, keeping her brood humming, and ensuring the writers and art directors refrain from tattooing their knuckles onto clients’ faces. Managing creative people is no easy task; you have to be highly creative yourself to pull it […]

glennon-thumb1 November 25

The Revolutionary Writer

Glennon Melton-Doyle first appeared in virus form. Missives from her blog, momastery.com, were so heart-poundingly great, so honest and funny, and resonated with so many mothers, they spread faster than Sars. She now has over 100,000 people following her. Actually following doesn’t quite sum it up. It’s more like addiction. We inhale her words. Her […]


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